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Ramey-Estep currently has 15 Master’s level, clinical staff who direct the treatment of each youth and provide leadership and guidance to treatment staff, and who have an average of 12 years experience per clinician.

The Ramey Estep Homes Residential Program provides treatment services to male and female adolescents, ages 12 -18 years old. Ramey-Estep’s treatment philosophy is to equip each youth with the capability to make informed decisions by increasing expectations and accountability as each child develops skills to improve social, familial and educational functioning. Ramey-Estep achieves this goal through a therapeutic setting that incorporates consistent structure, educational support, counseling services, skill development and the development of supportive peer, adult and therapeutic relationships.

Ramey-Estep utilizes several evidenced based interventions, approaches, techniques and modalities to provide treatment to youth. Ramey-Estep primarily utilizes Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Client Centered treatment planning and The Seven Challenges Substance Abuse Treatment Program to provide individualized treatment to residents.

A holistic approach to treatment is utilized within the residential program, with treatment comprised of contracted psychological services with Doctoral level licensed psychologist, contracted psychiatric services with a psychiatrist and a psychiatric nurse practitioner.


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Ramey-Estep residential program is equipped with Impact Plus approved Independent behavioral health professionals, behavioral health professionals under supervision and direct care staff members to provide a safe, therapeutic environment for any child placed with Ramey-Estep for treatment.

Treatment and Admissions Director

Christa oversees all treatment aspects of the youth placed in the residential treatment program.

Christa also directs the assessment and admission of all potential and currently placed youth.