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Treatment Foster Care


Four licensed clinicians who utilize several evidenced based approaches, techniques and modalities to provide treatment to youth

The Ramey-Estep Foster Care Program is comprised of children of Kentucky who need short term or long term therapeutic placement with skilled, therapeutic foster parents. A large percentage of the children placed in our foster care program have emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems that stem from traumatic experiences such as abuse and neglect. Ramey-Estep maintains therapeutic foster homes in Boyd, Greenup, Carter, Elliot and Lawrence counties.

Ramey-Estep provides a wide array of treatment services to children ages birth to 20 depending on each child’s individual needs. Ramey-Estep Foster Care utilizes a team oriented approach in providing treatment foster care services to children and families. Ramey-Estep achieves this goal through utilization of skilled therapeutic foster parents and treatment staff who provide a nurturing treatment setting that incorporates consistency, flexible supervision, intensive case management, family involvement, educational support, counseling services, skill enhancement and the promotion of supportive adult, family and therapeutic relationships.

Utilizes comprehensive assessment, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapies, client centered treatment planning and the ‘Seven Challenges’ Substance Abuse Treatment Program to develop and provide individualized treatment to children according to the individual needs of the child

Meet our CBS Team

All of Ramey-Estep's therapeutic foster families are trained initially in PS-MAPP coupled with Ramey-Estep’s foster parent training. We provide on-going training to foster families that are child specific such as trainings on emotional, behavioral, developmental issues.

Foster Care and School Support:

QA and CBS Director

CBS Program Manager

Ginny oversees the treatment and operations for the community based services program, including treatment foster care, independent living, and IMPACT Plus for CBS. She is also the director of Quality Assurance, where she develops and monitors the implementation of the Performance and Quality Improvement Plan.

Carrie manages the daily operations for the Community Based Services programs.

Ramey-Estep Homes has a contact in every school system that meets with case managers 1-4 times per month to assess the cultural, educational and social needs of the children placed in the school system. For additional services and please read more.